Assault & Bathory

by Angel of VIolence

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This album was done solely by DIY methods. We did not go through any mastering firms, or any of that. Its our first releas.


released February 5, 2010

PR, arrangements, sequencing, percussions, samples, and programming:Lucid Static
Vocals, Lyrics, Sequencing: Sumibraxis



all rights reserved


Angel of VIolence

If there were ever two people that could take some of the worst possible experiences in life, and make them into something beautiful, and terrifying, Lucid Static, and Sumibraxis Dei are their paradigm.

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Track Name: Aligning Anarchy
Murderous.. is a broken soul
Blasphemous, in my disillusioned eyes
The knife. Twists. In a dulling pain.
The burning in my eyes…. The sweat of vengeance
The joy it shall bring.
To watch them suffer
I will take years to destroy them all
Just for fun
Just for kicks
Just for joy
Just for myself
Just for pleasure
I burn out their lying eyes
To bring enlightenment.. I dance to their cries
I relish the hate
I relish the pain,
To wonder, in fields of release
To spit upon every grave.
I tarnish their every name
I curse their every moment of painless levity.
Track Name: Chaos (feat B.Quatlebaum)
Another infant left for dead, tied to a crib forgotten and unfed, fast for a mom blonde bomb on the dance floor, coked up coked up party like a crack whore.

One dance with age, turning the page, cant you see take a look in Aubrin’s eyes.

Dancer dancer, lighting up the stage, never knowing who cares, remember your own age.

Dancer dancer your daughter left for dead, take a fist full of cash to give another man head.

One day remained the child going insane, let the rash do her in before the bed sores.

Tears so profound no one hearing a sound, where was daddy when her mom became a whore?

Never knowing life, never knowing the bliss, can’t survive long enough for a first kiss, crimes against a child.

Hospitals doctors, your bills so high,
Taking money for a life, let another one by.
Insurance claims so many unnamed, people living on the streets, can’t afford this life.
Chaos left in place.

Three children walk away, two kids Remain
Three years of age, turning a page, Take a look in Jamies eyes. Beneath The paint, an infant learns the way of The Land. Screaming to no avail. An Infant dies at the hand of his own Kind.

Nuns kick it in bars, pope driving in Cars,
Alter-boys victims of a drive by.
Christ heading the way, no criminals Pay, watch the streets, another nine Year old dies.

Gangsta, gangsta, no one left to blame..
Kill a five year old child for the sake of Your gang name
Rot in hell for your crimes.. then learn To aim

We shop so much no news could Breach.
We live so well in the mall dolly fleet. We see so much choose to ignore, We’d try to help, if it wasn’t a bore.

the law of the land dies.. chaos left in place.
Track Name: Corpse Flower
Corpse Flower

Wenn Sie es erlebt hätten
Sie hätten gesehen Gräueltaten
Die Mutter, ihren verlorenen Sohn
Solche durch Ihre Hände gemachten Dinge
Die ekstatische (rauschhafte) Gewalt
Sie zerstört Leben zum Vergnügen
Der Säuglingssohn würde lächeln und beobachten
Wenn Sie es erlebt hätten
Wenn Sie es gesehen hätten
Sie würden Ihnen, unschuldig nicht gewähren.
Maria, weit von der Jungfrau, weit von der Menschlichkeit entfernt
Mary war der Tod.

Punch through the soil,
The splinters cutting in my fingertips
I’ll throw a Flower on the grave
Thanks for the eulogy, I can’t see my name
(I cannot see with my eyes, there’s nothing, left,
My beauty in disarray I can only move to the stench
Cannibalistic, and yet it’s not the same.)

the scent of her call in the air,
Her sign is driving me into a rage,
I’ll build a hole with your name
What is this biding me? I don’t feel the same
(I cannot feel with my skin, I can’t speak with your words
I can only move to the melody, the stench of decay)

I’m alone no faith to judge me, I’m alone I’m chasing the dead.
Lying down on a mission from god,
I’m hearing Mary,
I feel her presence and its getting near to me,
No mother left in a demon’s eye,
I feel her coming, its tearing me apart,
I see the son wears a wicked smile.

Burning within my eye, I can’t identify,
What’s in front of me?
Running, in truth, I can’t fly,
Am I the chaser, or are you chasing me?
Laughing, within my reach I try,
Is this the torture, or do I torture thee?
Calling, something I can’t explain,
Am I the saviour, or are you saving me?
Track Name: Depart
The gods wipe clean, the morning sky.
Nothing left of home.. nothing left of humanity.
The ending days in lawlessness. We cant afford to try
To coexist with ourselves, for the love of money
The love of money, we let it all die.
We let it all tear itself apart.
Where do we go from here? Banned from all we’ve become a plague
Where do we start again? None will have our atrocity.
Where do we go from here, in our ignorance, we blamed the elite.
Who put them there in the first place? Complacent living takes such precedence.

“Don’t want to be the hero, when someone else could.
We sit in our existence, surviving for our own good.”
Though we never take the time, to see with pointed fingers we take our aim
And we never want to see, beyond the video game.
Don’t waste my time, telling me the end is near.
I won’t waste my breath, telling you to get out of my face .
Don’t waste my time.. telling me the end is nigh
I won’t waste my breath, telling you, we’re going to be fine.

When did this occur? The leaders leaving us behind.
How did we not see? How could we have been so blind?
Though we never understand, what the Dooms Day Sayers had said.
Nothing left to believe, as we start it all again.

Why didn’t someone alert me, I could have acted then?
Though they tried to make us see…. We wouldn’t hear what they said.
Where do we go from here? Banned from Earth, we’ve become a plague
Where do we start again? None will have our atrocity.
Where do we go from here, in our ignorance, we blamed the elite.
Who put them there in the first place? Complacent living takes such precedence.

Where do we go from here? We’ve put ourselves in this, our perfect mess
Though we start too late, life goes on, as we start again
How do we begin this? nothing left but the war machines.
We never wanted the fighting, the leaders have gone, it’s a time for change.

Track Name: Haedion-6

Millions of voices, fighting to be heard as they all have the same thing to say
Out in the distance, its worth listening to, ‘the leaders have lead us astray’.

<Though I travel a long way,
Leaving the road
I’m coming into my own,
I present my views,
Introducing a new thought>

Point me out the facts, show me all the lies; the little things I cannot seem to grasp.
Scream it in my ears, shove it in my eyes; treat me like I’ve chosen to be blind.
Money is religion, ignorance is bliss; this is the land,

<Though I’ve travelled a long way,
I speak against tyranny,
No religion to command me,
Nothing left of my establishment
I’m allowed little privilege,
I cannot stay, in the shelter,
Though my message; benign.
I’ve left my family to speak your voice
I have no home>

I feel it in my fingers, although my mind has gone numb something is about to take place.
The tension grows thicker; the people aren’t so dumb, civil war again, in this day and age.

<I have no home>
Demands of retribution, our time has come once again, the militia will finally get a fix.
The people speaking out, revolution sounds fine,
This is the land

<It seems they’ve come for me, in the night they’ve come for me, I’m bagged so I cannot see, I’m not of their own.
Here in my infamy, I drudge on this fantasy, exiled in reality
I have no home.>

<It seems they’ve come for me, in the night they’ve come for me,
I’m gagged so I cannoI’m t speak, as I’m not of their own.
Here in my infamy, I drudge on this fantasy, exiled in reality,
I have no home.>
Track Name: Dolly Broken
Dolly Broken
Shattered, like memories beyond time. I feel the gaze.
Broken in pieces, I cannot feel her face, she chases me with her plastic eyes .
I can see the breaking of chaos, in her heart

Fractured sanity, a dress in disarray,
With broken finger tips, a violin she’ll play
Drawing on a night sky, the laughter escapes a porcelain smile

Tormented inside, she cannot break away.
Something that binds, break the rib cage, twisted malice,
She is so much to, take away. I must release her, from the bonds of herself.

Broken in pieces,
she chases me with a kitchen knife.

Porcelain in my hands
She lies so delicately on the pedestal
Tears in my hands,
Her eyes see no more.

Porcelain in my hands,
She screams so delicately at the shadows,
Fear of my hands,
She lashes out hard, with a cry of despair
Her broken eyes, captured my soul

She wears a pretty face, while hunting in the night,
I hear the victims scream,
yet it seems so right,
tortured, cut away, a twisted heart
I can see shadow, of something, I once held so dear.

Pieces of her dress fall apart, distorting wooded floors, her logic slips.
Cracks in her lips, she offers me a kiss, and she chases me again.
I can see the sanguine gears, of a clock-work heart.

So intrigued, I fear I must remain, A smile forms on her cracking face,
Never will I run, too far. Should she break,
I’m not the toy maker, I am the tool, for a dolly broken inside.

Broken in pieces,
And a cherub maintains her heart
Track Name: Follow Me
Follow me, where I lead you, eat of my flesh, I will take you away,
Follow me, in your anger, I will teach you, I will lead you astray,
Follow me, my words of wisdom are cheap, I have expensive tastes.
Give me all!
Give me your wounds, give me your sacrifice, give me your words, I take them all
Give me your pain, your little secrets too, these guilty pleasures, I’ll take them all.
Give me your time, your precious family awaits, this is salvation, I’ll take you all
Give me anger, give me your innocence. I give you faithas nothing is all I am.

In time you’ll get results when you’re dead, you can trust me, for I believe in you
In time, you’ll see the truth as I leave, cant you trust me? Even children learn to praise
In my eyes, you’re unguided flock, I choose to keep you blind .
I violate your kin, turn them against you, My words are poisoned, they cannot set you free.
Its All I can be
Trust in me
we’ve altered the past as a motion of restraint, we could not contain, believe in our philosophy!
We can’t fight you, controlling thought through fear, you cannot have tomorrow, I’m nothing if you don’t believe.
The perfect man, contradicted every day, I’ve never had a fault, you’d believe me with a little faith.
Salvation, I am the only way, its hard to be disgraced when you’ve no honour anyway.

The future of your soul, instructions that I’ve left behind, take me to heart, I’ll take to the afterlife.
Hell awaits, you’ve only this to fear, good little boys and girls, I take your sins, through heavens gate
The perfect man, violated through belief, I could not be the king, so I take the thrown of broken lives.
Salvation, interned with every mothers son, I could not be disgraced, my dying wish has yet to come.
Track Name: Mr.Sleep
He creeps in silence. None hear the whispers.
Telling secrets, to the children as they fall asleep.
Silence brings goodness, to the dark.
He offers . Such pleasure, none sleep in pain,
He wakes you to the sounds,
Another bump in the night.
Silence brings goodness to the dark.
Silence brings peace, to the cold, desolate nights.
He greets you every night.
Though you never see his face.
Killing words, so benign,
And you never take his hand.
An offer, of purity,
An offer of grace.
Telling no misfortune,
He offers you a better place.

“You can’t sleep forever, there is a time we must wake”
I’ve had enough of the real world, I want a better place.
“You can’t sleep forever, the dreams are there as a guide.”
I beg of you, Mr. Sleep, I’m so tired of living in disgrace.
“You can’t dream forever. You have a life to accommodate”
There’s nothing, every day I fight amongst myself.
He says, “You can’t be forever, in the dark.”
But, I’m already there, its calling me. Let me answer this time.
He say’s
“Silence brings goodness to the dark.
To silence, I am but a slave.
Silence brings sanity to the soul
Silence brings madness to the grave.
Silence treats misery, as a friend.
Silence, brings dreams to the day.
Silence brings goodness to the dark
Silence carry me away”
Track Name: Somatose

1 The sun, shines bright
No qualms today, such a beautiful day
2 Hard, to find a flaw in reason,
Though we try, a hand in philosophy
3 Trust , the pretty flowers, they’re alive.
Where will they take us?
4 Kissing, serrated smile. The black birds sing
Nothing wicked this way comes.

1 Hard to believe in solace, we find peace,
Is this the answer from god?
2 Hard to believe in art, we find beauty.
On a canvas of bloodshed.
3 Hard to believe in god, we find certainty.
As though we doubt our existence.
4 Hard to believe in religion, we find answers,
Who the hell asked the questions?

1 Moments of levity, surround, a history of violence,
2 we’ve come a long way in time, but we cant, leave our primitive behaviour.
3 change is a good thing, its called life, now forget about diversity.
4 Children with combat hardened eyes, no innocence, what have we become?