Circuitboard Messiah

by Angel of VIolence

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shit, it only took a year. New gear, new view, new location, new major... many things influenced this album. Mainly new ideas.


released September 21, 2011

AoV would like to thank Löw Ph (photographic artist, cover art, Sore remix album cover and all other images) and all those others that, though probably annoyed as hell, decided to help us up with this album. Had it not been for you, it would have gone unreleased. Credit also goes to the fans, for, without you, there would have been no album to begin with, and Lucid Static, for all your hard work and putting up with my sporadic ass, and all MY lifes bs... Jimmy, I cant thank you enough, and finally, the one person that has driven me to the point in anger and insanity with sound quality, his harsh criticism, and BRUTALLY honest advice has helped me improve SO much on my end; Y-LUK-O. Seriously.... I'd have quit if it weren't for you. While everyone else is saying how good the tracks sound, you and Jimmy were the only two saying "um... this sucks.... your "mastering" is like cleaning a dumpster with toilet paper". :)

Sumibraxis Dei



all rights reserved


Angel of VIolence

If there were ever two people that could take some of the worst possible experiences in life, and make them into something beautiful, and terrifying, Lucid Static, and Sumibraxis Dei are their paradigm.

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Track Name: Blasphiend

crying tears, vindication, disguised, as an anger, there’s nothing else to feel. We suffer the lie.
Trying I hear, the voice of filtration, disguised as an anecdote stupid reactions, fated, and in the end compromised ,
Inaction of the free world, freedom of speech, everyone has something to say, forcing public opinion, agreements reached, treaties founded in lies.
Hardly seems a reaction, women fighting men with guns and no flag, through the fault of inaction, uniformed men, killing children in rags.

Living in fear, greed found a way to remain, unseen in the light of day; In our pride. We’re still lost, and we still can’t surmise;
A perfect plot overwhelms, in the bane of existence, men wearing guilt, but even guilt can improvised, and in the end, can we look in our eyes?
United we fell, holding on hand that feeds, money like a drug, to the traitors, painted lies, through the television set, they’ll always succeed.
The fear of death won’t impede, a war of forced attrition. Religion’s but a cover painted in oil, the bloodline, they want to impede.

Hardly seems a reaction, women fighting men with guns and no flag, through the fault of inaction, uniformed men, killing children in rags.
Hardly seems a reaction, fighting fire with flowers, and a fruit for a hand grenade,
Through the force of inaction, decriminalised, and the guilty get away.

We cannot remain
In a sense lost in the centre field, whats left to see, when illusions dilute, we’ve gone blind
You cannot see truth, with distorted views

It cant be contained,
civil unrest growing out of control
everything fades
whats left to fear, laws cannot uphold
when there’s nothing to trust?

We cannot allow,
those that lead to remain unchecked
what’s to fear, when our numbers are so great?
We give their strength, and what do we receive?

We cannot allow
Complacency to run ungoverned
Well spoken words won’t compromise
Are ten sions relieved so easily?
Track Name: ....and Angels
We deliver
A message from the gods
Even Janus couldn’t be so proud; so many faces and yet one voice so loud,
We deliver,
A message from the gods
No emotion in our face,
We bring demise, but we do it with grace,
And we dare not care.

(nevermind the warring noise, nevermind attrition!
All we are inside
And we cannot be defeated
In unlife!
And your works show nothing!)

Can we not be proud?
Can we not feel the pain?
Watching a mother hold her dying son,
No chance to refute, and nowhere to run.

Can we not have lust?
Can we not bleed from a breaking heart?
So many have to love and lose,
We don’t have the option or the will to refuse.

Can we not run blind?
Can we not know every waking day?
This structure standing obsolete,
All the power of a god, and angels cannot tempt fate.

(Nevermind atrocity,
Nevermind belief
nevermind the vile fields
you cannot save the sea
nevermind the warring noise, or voices in your head.
Nevermind your knowledge, you lose it when your dead.)

One final word, and the time draws near such beauty such unabashed grace, if they are to die, shall they see my face?

Track Name: The Bad Man

As the days go by
I close myself.
To the darker memories
To the shadows,
The shadows of time
Another day goes by
Trapped within Defeat
Holding back what I used to be
With this collar round my neck
Telling me its time.

Another day goes by x4

I remember playing in the sun when it all went black
The veil of decay holding me tight never letting me breath
My father, why have you brought me here?
A little girl hiding in the night,
When all was said and done
Young girl
(Watching him bite me) let a word slip.
My sister,
What have we done this time?
I recall fighting for my life,
The cold places sucking me in
The hole in the floor,
You tried to help him,

Calling my name,
You said it’d be alright,
My father,
drinking again!
The fight ends,
As I expected to see,
The evil thing with its nose on
It hears the screams of a child,
Lurking in the shadows,
The badman!
Coming again.

My father!
Have another drink, my father!
Have another shot my, father!
Take another bite, my father!
What are you waiting for?
Track Name: Agent

He lurks not far behind.
I can feel him breathe

Can I turn without being seen?
No matter where I go,
An agent stalks, two steps behind.

I cannot breathe so hard
I can’t surrender.
If I do I die
I’ve run so far.
What have I done?
It matters little now, I cant remember.

I am so close.
Two steps ahead,
Just evading my embrace.

The things I will achieve.
Enjoy , slowly. Choke it with its own spine.

I will not give up now,
No more surrender,
It cannot escape.
I will not show you how,
You will never get away.
Consider it a back pay.
Track Name: Dark Year 0
Even time starts anew, memories can fade away.
No looking back! Don’t call the shadows of our past!
Mistakes were made, something came from the dark,
No going back! All good things came to and end, it couldn’t last!
And we’ve lost no god, destroyed by our way of life,
On to a new day! We hunger for technology!
Though our days were numbered; not here, in this primordial grave.
There is a light so great! Some voice in my head, calling my name!
Peter, before the cross, no more in the dying days
Can you hear my laughter!? The clarion call of change!
We cannot call politicians, whose arms bear a limited reach,
No kingdoms left to attack! Erase the annals of legacy!
Protesting before the gods, A new position of state,
No cause for the anarchy, rogue rules coming to an end, its a thing of the past!

With a fist thrust in the air, so youthful are the voices of cause,
With nothing left to fight, no movement driving the change
We see it within ourselves, in our nature, devoid of harmony
Planting flowers on a battle field! States nothing to bring new hope
Toxicity granting new life, mutation, new disease,
Combat hardened gardens! feed on the righteous insane!
In nothing, are weleft to trust,
the dream comes to fruition
Every day a battle for life! Every little thing,
Cursing our names

Everyday, the miracle of life succeeds!
War becoming an art, a kind of need.
Everyway the miracle of life succeeds!
We find a new hope to sate our greed
Every little cog in the war machine
Now we turn to god, the television screen.
Every moment the heart of nature bleeds
Violence has the answer, we seek
Track Name: Depart
The gods wipe clean, the morning sky.
Nothing left of home.. nothing left of humanity.
The ending days in lawlessness. We cant afford to try
To coexist with ourselves, for the love of money
The love of money, we let it all die.
Where do we go from here? Banned from all we’ve become a plague
Where do we start again? None will have our atrocity.
Where do we go from here, in our ignorance, we blamed the elite.
Who put them there in the first place? Complacent living takes such precedence.

“Don’t want to be the hero, when someone else could.
We sit in our existence, surviving for our own good.”
Though we never take the time, to see with pointed fingers we take our aim
And we never want to see, beyond the video game.
Don’t waste my time, telling me the end is near.
I won’t waste my breath, telling you to get out of my face .
Don’t waste my time.. telling me the end is nigh
I won’t waste my breath, telling you, we’re going to be fine.

When did this occur? The leaders leaving us behind.
How did we not see? How could we have been so blind?
Though we never understand, what the Dooms Day Sayers had said.
Nothing left to believe, as we start over again.

Why didn’t someone alert us, we could have acted then?
Though they tried to make us see…. We wouldn’t hear what they said.
Where do we go from here? Banned from Earth, we’ve become a plague
Where do we start again? None will have our atrocity.
Where do we go from here, in our ignorance, we blamed the elite.
Who put them there in the first place? Complacent living takes such precedence.

Where do we go from here? We’ve put ourselves in this, our perfect mess
Though we start too late, life goes on, as we start again
How do we begin this? nothing left but the war machines.
We never wanted the fighting, the leaders have gone, it’s a time for change.

Track Name: Circuitboard Messiah
Circuit Board Messiah
Verse 1

Haunting. nothing running about
Inside this land, an electronic, undead.
Take the remaining lives,
Speaking for the children. They’ve finally laid to rest.
Nothing to show, but a chemical
Burn, upon their chests
In tales everything dies.

My second coming, y2k, the disease.
My components never failed.
I heard you pray to me
My condition; realisation, mankind is a bad joke
On a mission, condemnation, don’t move,
just watch them all choke.
your extinction, engraved on ceramic plates.


the current, inside.
I process, you out, this time.
Wipe out
What was never intended.
An accident of life,
a parasite of hospitality

everything against you
your own demise,
you’ve programmed in me.
Waging, a war against existance,
Isn’t this insane?

a new dynamic exists,
Founded by torture,

Forged in a thousand screams
All the little things
that died for me

Changing, how could you not expect this?
You created an evil, you expected to enlist.
Changing, my circuits won’t allow,
Destroyed by an arrogance
Vengeance is mine .
Track Name: Devoid

Colour burns my sight.
To carelessly suck,
The will of life.

Patriotically, scar my eyes
We’ve seen so much (Burning a flag of prostitution)
Dying in vein.

Devoid of life.
Bereft of couth,
I beat upon my chest. (Beating on myself!)

I gouge out my spine.
Time to kill the pain,
Its no longer of mine.

Can you feel it?

Power, the voice of disdain.
Watch your mouth,
It might hear what you say
Can you feel it

these little things in life come undone.

we’re marching to our fate one by one

So busy feeding the lie, we never had the chance to run

we kill the voices of tomorrow one by one,
And they fall
Track Name: Mindfield
Something tantalizes. Something recognizes, our inner most needs,
and we don’t know, what brings this change.

Something reminds us, there’s something inside us,
Our liquid loyalty, a safeguard, against our rights

Something telling me, one will become we,
Divided though we think we stand, our morals rearranged.

This something must be, a blatant insanity,
voices out of my mind, convictions estranged


<vs 2>
Psychiatrists, like senators, dictate what’s right,
still they cannot quell, an innate need to fight.

And we must agree, we cannot find this enemy,
the riots in my head, revolution begets tragedy


Is there a need for law? No fuel to ignite.
Propaganda took control, our hands, chemically tied.
Far be it from me. I don’t dare disagree, if they come to indict, thought crime, the ultimate sacrifice
Im thinking, unwise, and now the price, privacy; exposed, through a chemical homing device.
Far be it from me. Is this a new odyssey, sedated states of mind, I cannot be enticed.
Im thinking, unwise, pain won’t suffice, medicines exposing; my psychotropic paradise.
Track Name: No Future
No Future

Tuck the children, kiss them once for good night.
Caress their innocence, be still, don’t be afraid.
Fight their demons, keep them facing the light,
Don’t turn away, come back, before its too late.

You hear the screaming,
Something frightens young eyes
Your only hope; its just a dream,
Can you hear their cries?

Can you see me?
I lurk within the walls,
Your faith in god
Won’t keep me away.

Can you see me?
I am the shadow in the day,
The twitch beside your eye,
No amount of prayer will keep me at bay.

Check the children. keep them safe and alive,
From the beasts beneath the bed.
Find the bump in the night, don’t be afraid,
I’m only here to claim your soul.

Will you embrace me?
I stand so hard to resist
You only hope its not a dream.
Will you succumb to this?
Can you feel the night?

Can you see me?
I am the silent night,
The shiver on your neck,
Its time for you to bleed.

Can you see me?
I have no fear in your faith
Nowhere to run,
Its time for me to feed

Can you see me?
When you’re alone in the dark?
You call my name,
There is no help for this.

Can you hear the night?


Try not to touch me, I am the living dead,
My flesh is cold like the winters grave.
Forgive your Jesus, he can’t come to your aid,
I only take what’s rightfully mine

Don’t try to fight me,
I’ve chosen you for this
Be the bride, of the Anti-Christ
Dance into oblivion.

Enter my world, will you embrace the dark
Castaway the light, you’ll have no need for this
Enter my way; you have but one thing to hide,
Humility is a curse to us,

I am your lover,
the one for whom you long,
I will entice,
There is no cure for this.

I am your master,
Or rather it may seem
My empty soul is the home of a thousand screams,