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Special thanks to all of you who lied about the world you were leaving us.


In vein. I remember
Staring into the dark
with childlike eyes.
In vein, I remember
Crying out to god
“Will you save me?”
Some things in the past
Were never meant to change,
No matter how we’d bleed.
These things in our past
Intrinsically define
Cutting innocence.

In vein
I remember
Calling out to the demons in the dark
“Leave me be!”
What shame
I cant recall
When the demons in the dark
Came to claim me,
In pain
I remember.
As I was pulled from the light,
By the grasp of reality.
With blame,
I point the finger,
Cast me out of your shelter
In the world you’ve built for me.

Mommy isn’t here to save me
To Guard me
from mistakes, they’ve made
My innocence is gone.
Cast out into the dark
To the demons that stayed

Falling to my knees
Such villainy in memory
My youth was a waste,
pathetically defined.

Crying out won’t please
These vicars of blasphemy
Showing us/me a world
That cannot be/not meant for me.

Sadness unmentioned,
In a world such as this
Breaking the souls
Of we who feel

To an anger unknown
Emotion cannot express
You promised us world
That was not real


from Strength from Scarring, released December 15, 2014



all rights reserved


Angel of VIolence

If there were ever two people that could take some of the worst possible experiences in life, and make them into something beautiful, and terrifying, Lucid Static, and Sumibraxis Dei are their paradigm.

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