Theresa's Well

by Sumibraxis Dei



Theresa Wells; This is for you my dear lost friend.... I will always have a love in my heart for you, for lifetimes to come.


Theresa’s Well
V 1
I’ve called your name,
I’ve washed you down,
This empty shell gives nothing but a memory

I’ve held you close,
Cherished the pain,
This wishing well holds nothing more than hollow dreams

I’ve carried you there,
I’ve done what was right,
The gods have taken you despite my screams.
Can you take me there to the well? I don’t know when I’ll see you again.
I don’t know where you’ve gone
I don’t know what I could have done,
This hardened heart fell apart with a policy

I’ve seen your face,
In the scars of the sky,
I’ve known you but for a moment, what have you done to me?

I’ve taken your screams,
You’ve given me light,
Unturned your pillow, you’re still not dead to me

I’ve offered my self,
You deny in modesty,
Theresa’s Wells run dry, was this supposed to be? Can you take me there to the well I don’t know when I’ll see you again.
Can you take me there, while i dream?
Can you take me back the well, I don’t know if I’ll see you again, my friend.
I only want to keep you safe, as you sleep.


Can you take me there to the well
I don’t know where I’ll see you again my friend.
Can you take me there while I dream?
I lay upon these healers,
A curse to suffer your fate.
I only want to keep you safe
As you sleep.


released June 10, 2012
All music and lyrics by Sumibraxis Dei



all rights reserved


Angel of VIolence

If there were ever two people that could take some of the worst possible experiences in life, and make them into something beautiful, and terrifying, Lucid Static, and Sumibraxis Dei are their paradigm.

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