Strength from Scarring

by Angel of VIolence

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This album is not the usual from Angel of VIolence; it is far more goth edged than anything we've done. If all goes well, this will be the direction we remain in for this project, as both members have other projects to feed the varying emotional themes.

This album is meant to be far more artistic, and far more organised than the previous releases.
We hope you enjoy.


released 15 September 2013

we will be returning to this section when the entire album is complete.



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Angel of VIolence

If there were ever two people that could take some of the worst possible experiences in life, and make them into something beautiful, and terrifying, Lucid Static, and Sumibraxis Dei are their paradigm.

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Track Name: Beaten
By Sumibraxis Dei

Beaten; and scarred
It’s been such a long time
I’ve come so far
Since we last met eyes
I’ve seen so much
I’ve learned to forgive
I am not the child in you .

You’re Broken of heart
Have you lost your only friends?
No light in thine eyes
Is there any hope when you’re near the end?
I don’t know what I would have said
I cannot say how I would have felt,
Though I’d have liked the last chance.

I could have learned to forgive
I could have learned to accept
I could have learned to make peace.

You’re Broken and scarred,
What hell you must have known.
Such distance you enforced,
Was it not hard to die alone?
You could have helped me understand,
You could have given me that chance,
Instead of bad memories.

I’ve since learned to forgive
I’ve learned to accept
I’ve learned to make peace.

Though what they say is so often true,
I’ve gained the strength enough
To see the victim could be you.
I do not know what happened then. I cannot say how I should have felt; though I never took the last chance
Track Name: Little Noises
By Sumibraxis Dei

I can hear it approach me, as the sound draws near.
As I open my eyes, I see nothing too clear.
Withdraw from my insides; get back before it hurts me,
A little gasp escapes.

Praying for the sunlight; drop down to the floor.
A little crying child, breathes no more,
Withdrawing from inside me; I can’t tame the mind,
A little noise escapes.

Can jesus even save me from my ever closing cell?
Laughter from the darkness; tormenting that of hell.
Withdraw from the darkness; my soul begins to twitch;
A little scream escapes.

Something’s getting close now, a creak upon the wall.
Door slams shut, a candle stick falls.
Reaching to inside me; take a swing at the dark,
I finally escape.

It knows where to find me; it hunts the smell of fright.
Finally it’s seen; the speckled red on white!
Withdrawing to myself, I can stand no more
The little noise is seen!

Constantly it finds me; there’s nothing even seen.
Tiny hands infected; lashing at me.
Running through the hallway, praying I don’t fall.
Screaming, "its behind me; a shadow so tall".
Withdraw into my insides; my courage fails me.
I can’t even scream.

Shadows all around me; shroud themselves in hate.
Bathing me in silence; its finally too late.
Embracing me in sickness; my eyes begin to twitch,
I can see it was a dream.
Track Name: Charlotte, Charlotte
Charlotte faces her life;
She was brought up on her own.
The turbulence of waste,
And she feels she’s alone.
The night time comes;
she’s screaming in rage. (Daddy, she doesn’t fear the dark)
Another twist in words;
she see’s the blood on her face.

Night after night;
She stays in bed.
Another day goes on,
And no one hears what she says.
(I hear, I hear your cries)
Another disappointment;
Her gift from a fraud.
But Charlotte just can’t help it;
She looks at him as a god.

A caustic tear drops down to the floor,
Why must she cry in vein?
She tries to hide the hurt,
She knows emotions are inane,
Daddy thought she was a child.
(I never lied to you, daddy)
He thought Charlotte was so happy,
But how was he to tell?


The tattered room of a child;
It’s everything she has.
She tries to look him in the eyes,
But he goes by so fast.
(She sees you, she calls to you, and you still can’t hear)
Another child will spill her blood on these walls.
The only thing she’d ever asked;
Was for him to hear her call.


Charlotte, Charlotte;
Come out and play.
Charlotte, Charlotte;
I want to hear what you have to say.
Scream it in my ears; scream it in my eyes.
Scream it in my face; drown out all the lies.
Charlotte, Charlotte;
Don’t go away.

Charlotte, Charlotte;
Tell me again.
Charlotte, Charlotte;
Give me your pain.
Scream it in my ears; murder your disdain.
Scream it in my eyes; tell me it’s all the same.
Track Name: Monster
By Sumibraxis Dei

Everything has to end!
Eternally we expire.
The beauty in a winters rose;
Decays, falling to the floor

Finally it comes; my time
Lie upon a bed; retire.
Living the life I chose;
My body dying all around.

Life going on without change.
Clinging to the strings; have I been left behind?
The last thing I should have done;
Can I pick up where I left off?

Eyes cannot relay this sight,
Some form; some sort of chrysalis.
The point of no return;
I should have taken revenge.

What is this? I rise;
Pulling myself from the grave.
Am I returning from hell?
Consumed by hate; I’ve chosen a new path

In the name of greed,
We’ve suffered hard;
We’ve paid the ultimate price.
Verily, they decide, the coin can outweigh life.

Vengeance will have her day;
Her hunger will never sate.
As I became the monster;
This shivering facet of fate.

Cherish meant something in my last life.
That life is far behind.
I’ve become this thing;
This twisted fist of wrath.

My Regret cannot have say,
In the new evolution of life.
I cannot turn/look away; I cannot look back,
It’s so hard to regain control.
Vengeance will have her say;
The angel of violence returned.
I cannot look/turn away; I cannot understand,
It’s so hard to save my soul.

My hatred will not give way;
In the new evolution of life.
I cannot run away; I cannot resist,
It’s so hard to concentrate.
My vengeance has taken command;
The angel of violence manifest.
I cannot close my eyes; It’s so hard to deny my fate.
Track Name: Waste
By Sumibraxis Dei

I sit alone in this disgusting existence wondering why Im made to suffer through this situation. My experiences are vast, my wisdom is tried, and failed.
Nothing I’ve gone through in this waste of time we call life could have prepared me for you. I gave my everything because you promised I would be safe in doing so, but like everything else that has fallen out of your useless little hole of a mouth, it was a lie.
Everything about you is a lie.
Everything without you is a lie.
Everything you’ve ever claimed to feel, was a lie
Every time you draw breath, you lie.

Now I’m sitting back at square one, re planning a future that won’t include the likes of you. I lived without you for so long, and you have the audacity to mutter those trivial little statements to people you pretend to know. I cant make it on my own, I cant live alone, I only made it out because of you, but what you do not understand is I am real.
I can go anywhere, at any time, and survive. I did this before I knew you, and will do so now that I still have no idea who, or what you are.
I guess that phrase “age aint nothing but a number” is as wise as its originator.
Spoken like a child, by children around the globe, but you see;
I am not a pedophile.

I am free from you
I am free of you
I am alive again
I live without you
Track Name: The Breaking
By Sumibraxis Dei

In vein, I remember
Staring into the dark
with childlike eyes.
In vein I remember,
Crying out to god;
“Will you save me?”

Some things in the past
Were never meant to change;
No matter how we’d bleed.
These things in our past
Intrinsically define;
Cutting innocence.

In vein I remember
Calling out to the demons in the dark;
“Leave me be!”
What shame;
I cant recall
When the demons in the dark
Came to claim me.

In pain I remember;
As I was pulled from the light;
By the grasp of reality.

With blame I point the finger;
Cast me out of your shelter;
To the world you’ve built for me.

Mommy isn’t here to save me;
To Guard me
from mistakes they’ve made
My innocence is gone;
Cast out into the dark;
To the demons that stayed


Falling to my knees;
Such villainy in memory.
My youth was a waste;
pathetically defined.

Crying out won’t please
These vicars of blasphemy;
Showing us/me a world
That cannot be/not meant for me.

Sadness unmentioned
In a world such as this;
Breaking the souls
Of we who feel.

To an anger unknown;
Emotion cannot express.
You promised us world
That was not real.
Track Name: Theresa's Well
By Sumibraxis Dei.

I’ve called your name, I’ve washed you down;
This empty shell gives nothing but a memory.

I’ve held you close; we've cherished the pain.
This wishing well holds nothing more than hollow dreams.

I’ve carried you there; I’ve done what was right;
The gods have taken you despite my screams.

Can you take me there to the well?
I don’t know when I’ll see you again.

I don’t know where you’ve gone.
I don’t know what I could have done.
This hardened heart fell apart with a policy.

I’ve taken your screams; You’ve given me light.
Unturned your pillow; you’re still not dead to me.

I’ve seen your face in the scars of the sky.
I’ve known you but for a moment; what have you done to me?

I’ve offered my self; you deny in modesty.
Theresa’s Well's run dry; was this supposed to be?

Can you take me there to the well?
I don’t know when I’ll see you again.

Can you take me there, while i dream?

Can you take me back the well?
I don’t know if I’ll see you again, my friend.

I only want to keep you safe as you sleep.

Can you take me there to the well?
I don’t know where I’ll see you again my friend.
Can you take me there while I dream?
I lay upon these healers; a curse to suffer your fate.

I only want to keep you safe as you sleep.
Track Name: The Promise (featuring Acidtrixx Aerodroma)
By Sumibraxis Dei

My emotions cant deny;
The pain I endure I cannot regret.
Though I’d leave, and say good bye;
My penance undone; I cannot forget.

Oh the promise that I made;
Lies still in a metal box.
I feel it so well; this state of disdain.
Though my body often dies;
So long ago I said, I’d suffer your pain

"Why kill me so slow?
Why ensure your regret?
Why say ‘how you adore’?
No thanks to inaction,
My tears have run dry.

Why kill me so slow?
Why disguise your intent?
Why say that you ‘love’?
I’ve given you so much,
You’ve left hell in your wake.

Why kill me so slow?
Why not make this all end?
Why are you laughing at my pain?
The first time I’ve killed;
The life given; I take."
Track Name: Farewell Kiss
By Sumibraxis Dei

That desert night;
Dressed in the light of the moon.
Your lips so soft;
I’ve never felt anything
Closer to me

That gentle shade in your stare;
Adorned with a promising smile.
A touch so soft;
I’ve never known anyone
I would want so much.

That moment we said we loved;
That meant for the rest of our lives;
Your words so clear;
I felt your mind,
And you never said good bye.

These feelings; they still remain.
Though it’s been some 13 years.
Some scars; they never heal.
Some pain will never die.

I feel it inside!
You never said good bye.
I still feel your eyes!
I can’t break this.

That desert night;
You exposed me; my shelter destroyed.
For some reason you never let me go;
Beyond then
I’d never know alone

That moment we said we loved;
That meant for the rest of our lives.
Your words to this day; I recall,
You never said goodbye.

Those feelings still remain.
When you change your mind;
My embrace will always accept;
But there’s no turning back now.

The last time I saw your eyes,
The emptiness we felt inside;
I would never know alone,
Until the day I felt you die.

I still feel you inside!
You never said goodbye.
I still feel your eyes!
I can’t take this.

I still feel you inside!
You can never say goodbye.
I still feel your touch!
I hate this.